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What is LightScribe Template Labeler

LightScribe Template Labeler by LightScribe for their C:\Program Files\LightScribe Template Labeler\. The most recent version we have details of is:, size: 19.56 MB (20,510,327

Latest version:
Location:C:\Program Files\LightScribe Template Labeler\
Install size:19.56 MB (20,510,327 bytes)
About URL:
Download page:
Uninstall:MsiExec.exe /X{8A03241E-7A3C-401D-B0CE-B3096F50AE6F}

Technical information

TemplateLabeler.exe (Main Executable)
Common path:C:\Program Files\LightScribe Template Labeler\TemplateLabeler.exe
Description:LightScribe TemplateLabeler
Description:Animal Pack 1
Description:Nature Pack 1
Description:Hobby Pack 1
Description:Music Pack 1
Description:Setup Launcher
Description:Fantasy Pack 1
Publisher:Nokia and/or its subsidiary(-ies)
Description:C++ application development framework.
Publisher:Nokia and/or its subsidiary(-ies)
Publisher:Nokia and/or its subsidiary(-ies)

How to uninstall apps on Windows 10

The simplest way to uninstall apps is from the Start screen.

Press the Windows logo on your keyboard or tap the icon on the screen.

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There's another way to uninstall apps that might not be too obvious. Swipe in from the right side of the screen and tap 'All settings.' Select System and then tap Apps & features. You can sort the list of apps by size, name, or install date. If you would like to uninstall an app, select it from the list and then tap or click the uninstall button.

Windows 10 LightScribe Template Labeler

While you're on the apps and features page, you can also manage optional features. Tap or click that option on top to see a list of features. There are several features related to text input and prediction on my Surface Pro 3. Select an item and tap or click the uninstall button.

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