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Rzrigmanagedinit.dll    Razer, Inc.

RDXService.dll    10.0.16299.64    Microsoft Corporation

rvwindowex.dll    N/A    Alisoft (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

restore_tool_service.dll    AO Kaspersky Lab

rtl150.bpl    15.0.3953.35171    Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

radialblur.aex       Unknown

ramp.aex       Adobe Systems Incorporated

ripplepulse.aex       Unknown

rpfimport.aex       Adobe Systems Incorporated

raw_003.wdt    undefined version    undefined company


Rafael.bin    Ulead Systems, Inc.

Rosi.bin    Ulead Systems, Inc.

Rabica.vp2    5. 0. 0. 1 (skill 2.    Umemura Taka Software Design, inc.

Rafinha.bin    -    -

Roger.bin    2.0.3127.31139    Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

RnRsdWizResU_eng.dll    Release 32-bit 7.04/    Nuance Communications, Inc.

RWDLVD21.DLL    2.1.15 MR5    unknown

RWDLDB21.DLL    2.1.11 MR1    unknown

RWDLDD21.DLL    2.1.11 MR1    unknown

RW2RUGDF.dll    unknown    Фирма 1С-СофтКлаб

ReportingDll.dll    Fekete Associates Inc.

ResourceExtDll.dll    Fekete Associates Inc.

RTA2Core.dll    Fekete Associates Inc.

RTAReader.dll    Fekete Associates Inc.

restpimconf4_0.exe    6.02.1032    Alcatel-Lucent

Radical.Windows.Presentation.dll    Funambol

Radical.Design.dll    Funambol

Radical.Extensions.Castle.dll    Funambol

Radical.Windows.dll    Funambol

rdmwi.exe    3.8.1172.0    MediaNYX

REGHDRC.EXE    2.01.0033    HDRC

rs-repairmov.exe    Remo Software

rgadmin.exe    Hewlett-Packard

RFIDManager.exe    2, 0, 0, 4    MF Group S.p.A. - CIM Division

Run_Tests.dll    CIM, Inc

RC68xxWrapperEzspIF.dll    Wed Mar 31 04:22:33 CUT 2010 on LFSBUILDPC2-412, release, READY_RC68XXWRAPPEREZSPIF_1.0.8

RCNetCOMInterop.dll    2.2.017    Wed Apr 21 2010 02:27:43 PM (Pacific Daylight Time) on GBUILDPC10, release, READY_RCNETCOMNTEROP_2.2

rtecmds.dll    E.00.00    Agilent

RapidControlIF.dll    2.6.001    Fri Sep 03 2010 10:45:46 AM (Pacific Daylight Time) on GBUILDPC10, release, READY_RAPIDCONTROLIF_2.6

runctl.dll    E.02.02    Agilent

runctlchs.dll    E.02.02    Agilent

runctljpn.dll    E.02.02    Agilent

rrsum.dll    E.00.00    Agilent

rs232chs.dll    E.02.01    Agilent

rs232jpn.dll    E.02.01    Agilent

RemoteFServer.exe    Mastersoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

RescueTray.exe    3.0.20110525095047    Keriver technology inc.

RescueMain.exe    3.0.20110525095047    Keriver technology inc.


R3DLibrary.dll    unknown    Team V.R

RealDatQ.dll    unknown    株式会社セガ

RPTPRT.EXE    3.1.1    HRM System Sdn Bhd

rgstr.exe    gKrypt Data Security Solutions

rhlp.dll    unknown    Secure International Holdings Pte. Ltd.

RMRProj.ocx    Entity

READMRI.EXE    unknown    Entity

RGconv.exe    1, 0, 0, 1    Rightfiles

RSuperBefore62.exe    6, 0, 8, 0    Shusaku Co.,Ltd.

riseset.dll    1.00    RiseSet ActiveX DLL

RegionManager_cs.dll    unknown    AxxonSoft

RestructuredStudent.exe    unknown

RegionalSettings.exe    1.00    dataman

RestructuredStudent.vshost.exe    9.0.30729.1    vshost.exe

RestructuredTeacher.exe    unknown

RestructuredTeacher.vshost.exe    9.0.30729.1    vshost.exe

RRS.Messaging.dll    Reutech Radar Systems (Pty) Ltd

RC98E1ct.DLL    6.641    unknown

RC98C123.DLL    4, 6, 20, 11    unknown

RC98C1XX.DLL    6.636    unknown

ReMus.exe    wdk

RWOWS60.DLL    6.0    Oracle Web Server Agent - Oracle Developer Reports Server Client

regodbc64.exe    unknown    ©Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd., 1988-2012.

reginstupdate.exe    unknown    Udyog Software (India) Limited

Ribbon.dll    Ambient

RegisterDll.exe    10,08,00,14    GTCO CalComp, Inc

regwiz_res_zh_TW.dll    Registration Application for Products of Business Objects

RepositoryExplorer_res_zh_TW.dll    Repository Explorer ActiveX Control

RTFTEX32.DLL    9, 0, 0, 7    This product has been designed by WAIMEA Software GmbH, 58452-Witten, Germany. Send mail to ts@waime

REPDLL32.DLL    6, 0, 0, 2    This product has been designed by Waimea Software GmbH, 58452-Witten, Germany. Send mail to ts@waime

RefSearch.exe    1.01.0518    ROMICO

RegImport.exe    ROMICO

RLVideoConvertToolDataU.dll    Reallusion

ROMICO_LiveChat.dll    ROMICO

RLVideoConvertToolRes.dll    Reallusion

RSPControls.dll    Remote support platform for SAP Business One: Controls

rmtdbg150.exe    Embarcadero

RibbonHero.Common.dll    1.2.10527.0    Ribbon Hero lets you score points for using Office features and compete with your friends to see who

rar2sfx.exe    M.Dev Software

(39237) Route.dll
(8068) rld.dll
(5136) rsstub.exe
(5018) RMPQ.exe
(3894) Rntx.dll
(3860) riep.exe
(3693) Rppi.exe
(3680) rsvw.dll
(3335) Rt2870.sys
(3032) rldea.dll
(2954) rtl120.bpl
(2801) rlal.dll
(2588) ribot.exe
(2512) rcth.dll
(2463) rdiw.exe
(2421) RXSQ.EXE
(2320) Rtkvac.sys
(2101) rebJ.exe
(2094) rwoe.dll
(2049) rtl100.bpl
(1967) regasm.exe
(1911) RWSE.sys
(1907) rtl140.bpl
(1827) RDDE.dll
(1823) RODB.dll
(1719) rmfa.dll
(1692) rvso.exe
(1691) reglib.dll
(1588) ruyB.exe
(1570) refs.dll
(1544) Raui.exe
(1518) RTSK.dll
(1491) raptr.exe