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opencv_calib3d249.dll    N/A    Zoller + Froehlich GmbH

ovrplugin.dll    Oculus VR

omnitracking.dll    Corel Corporation

ocl_cpu_cpu_device32.dll    Intel Corporation

ocl_cpu_intelocl32.dll    N/A

ocl_cpu_cpu_device64.dll    Intel Corporation

ocl_cpu_tbb64.dll    4.2.2013.1002    Intel Corporation

ocl_cpu_tbbmalloc32.dll    4.2.2013.1002    Intel Corporation

ocl_cpu_tbbmalloc64.dll    4.2.2013.1002    Intel Corporation

openssl_verifier.dll    AO Kaspersky Lab

OdaX_4.00_12.dll    Open Design Alliance

orig_vmilldll.dll    N/A

omf.aex       Adobe Systems Incorporated    undefined version    undefined company    N/A    Microsoft Corporation

OPWKLister.exe    14.0.11413.1310    Nuance Communications, Inc.

OfficeDropGate.dll    14.5.13425.1852    Nuance Communications, Inc.

OrderForm.exe    1.00    unknown

OilMaterialBalance.dll    Fekete Associates Inc.

omccdb.exe    1, 0, 0, 1    unknown

OnlineUpdat.exe    6.3.1047.0    PIMphony Online upgrade

omclient.exe    Funambol

omcore.dll    Funambol

OUTLOOKmgr.exe    unknown    Microsoft Corporation

OperationWolfsburgEnglish.exe    v1.0    FPSC Game

OLD-F2WindowC.DLL    DSC

Optionstate.dll    CIM, Inc

OutlookBarEx.dll    CIM, Inc

OcrServer.exe    1, 1, 0, 0    MF Group S.p.A. - CIM Division

OzDriverTester.exe    Mon May 16 21:27:06 CUT 2011 on LFSBUILDPC2-412, release, READY_DRIVER78XX_4.01.054

ocxres.dll    3, 2, 1, 3    unknown

OgreBowler.exe    1, 0, 0, 1    unknown

obad.exe    Personal    unknown

OnzoDisplayClientLibrary.dll    unknown    Onzo

onzo_uploader.exe    Onzo

ohplayer_library.dll    unknown    OhCASTra

OFFice2PDF5.exe    5.0.0266.0000    This application converts (Word/Excel/Html) documets to PDF format using PDF-XChange 2012

okusama133.exe    unknown

OTRCCDFD.EXE    unknown    Ginni Systems Limited

opusenc.exe    unknown    Selur´s Hybrid

OptimizeSettings.dll    unknown    Soft4Boost Ltd.

okawix.exe    Linterweb

orsa.exe    unknown    the GPU Development Team

OmahaEquilab.exe    1, 1, 1, 0

OmahaEquilabJPN.dll    1, 1, 4, 0

OperaLE.exe    Def64rt

Office.12.dll    12.0.6425.1000    Microsoft Office Labs

OfficeAddInUtil.exe    Ribbon Hero lets you score points for using Office features and compete with your friends to see who

OSDSvr.exe    unknown    Dell

OV711as.dll    7.1.100    Sirona Dental Systems GmbH

oleErrorHandler.dll    1, 0, 0, 1    Sirona Dental Systems GmbH

oleReport.dll    1, 0, 0, 0    Sirona Dental Systems GmbH

omastart.exe    3.2.0    Dell

OrbisClient.Net.dll    1.1.39    TestOut Corporation

OrbisClient.Runtime.dll    1.1.39    TestOut Corporation

OrbisClient.WCF.dll    1.1.39    TestOut Corporation

Orilogic.FocusManager.dll    1.0.1424.38529    Orilogic FocusManager Web Control

oAnz.dll    iStock Systems (P) Ltd.

oDisp.dll    iStock Systems (P) Ltd.

OemToAnsi.exe    unknown    DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH

OFP_Server.exe    1.30    unknown

obj_7_a22828__unpacked.dll    4    Fortinet Inc

OTP701as.dll    7.01    Chilli Source

OptimizerConversion.dll    unknown


OwnSpelling.dll    8.04    unknown

offlinepspm.dll    Fabasoft RD GmbH

offlineuipm.dll    Fabasoft RD GmbH

OLFG32.DLL    V2.00.0    University of Colorado, Department of Physics

OLIMG32.DLL    V2.00.0    University of Colorado, Department of Physics

Opa7Interfaces.dll    IBA Dosimetry

osr32v5.dll    unknown    unknown

osr32v6.dll    unknown    unknown

OmniProAccept7.exe    Startup for OmniPro Accept 7

OmniProAccept7Base.dll    Base functionality for OmniPro Accept 7

OmniProAccept7Interfaces.dll    Interface Definitions for OmniPro Accept 7

oeWebServer.exe    Element Technologie

ORA_LONG_OP.exe    unknown    MICROS-FIDELIO

otodori.exe    Ez-design

orange_zte_cdc_ecm.sys    5.44.9585    ZTE

orange_zte_ecm_enum.sys    5.44.9585    ZTE

orange_zte_ecm_enum_filter.sys    5.44.9585    ZTE

OpenMetaverse.Rendering.Meshmerizer.dll    Radegast Development Team

OxPCI958.dll    unknown    Oxford Semiconductor

OxPCIe200.dll    unknown    Oxford Semiconductor

OxCB950.dll    unknown    Oxford Semiconductor

OxPCIe958.dll    unknown    Oxford Semiconductor

OxSemi.Oxide.Updater.dll    Oxide product update support

OxCF950.dll    unknown    Oxford Semiconductor

OxPCIe840.dll    unknown    Oxford Semiconductor

(587563) oreans32.sys
(16636) osz.exe
(10475) os2cne.exe
(3515) ofwk.exe
(3184) omuv.exe
(3031) ogvi.exe
(2688) oghh.exe
(2415) OLnF.dll
(2399) oosu.dll
(2377) omms.exe
(2250) ozpa.exe
(2218) OCFF.dll
(2165) ogg.dll
(2107) OEQB.exe
(2096) omdw.dll
(1774) opxg.dll
(1739) othb.exe
(1725) OCEV.EXE
(1653) ou80.dll
(1576) Oftab.ocx
(1529) OWLt.dll
(1499) OMWv.dll
(1493) OJET.dll
(1373) ozxm.exe
(1326) OcxMsg.dll
(1294) ouwp.exe
(1259) ou70.dll